The Abria Team: Your Partner on this Journey

At Abria, we have one goal: To give your child the tools to succeed.  We do that by providing a customized therapy approach, tailor-made to work for your child and your family. Our team shares your mission: we want your child to thrive and unlock their full potential so they can become the best that they can possibly be. Our team is here to guide you through the journey and help your child succeed beyond all expectations. 

Wondering how we do it?


About Abria Therapy



At Abria Therapy, we help children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder overcome behavioral, social, and academic challenges.



Our team uses individualized ABA therapy treatment plans to pinpoint and treat each child’s strengths and weaknesses.



Our team truly cares about each and every one of our clients, and we all work together to do whatever we can to help them succeed.

Hear From Our Clients:

“The therapy team at Abria is truly one-of-a kind. My son’s therapists genuinely care about him, and go above and beyond to ensure he progresses. I can’t recommend them enough!!”

Daisy J.

Daisy J.

Abria Parent

“We’ve never experienced the level of care and support that the Abria team has provided for our child and our family. When we first got the diagnosis, we were so overwhelmed, and had nowhere to turn for help. The Abria team took over, and guided us through each and every step of the process. We don’t know how we would have managed without them. Thank you, Abria!”

Jack and Lucy K.

Jack and Lucy K.

Abria Parents

“The progress my daughter Sara has made since she started working with her therapists at Abria is INCREDIBLE. She’s like a completely different child. My family is amazed at her improvement!”

Chloe F.

Chloe F.

Abria Parent

To parents with children who have been diagnosed with autism: We get it.

We understand how overwhelmed you feel, and we’ll guide you through the treatment process and the challenges that come up along the way. We are here for you and your child.

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